Global Warfare


UN Team rappelling from Blackhawk

Global Warfare is a team player Half-Life 1 Modification. That means if you have Steam and Half-Life installed, you can download it and play it.
There are several ways to “win” in the game. The most basic way to win is to destroy the enemies’ transport (usually a blackhawk helicopter or an APC) and then kill the remaining troops on the ground. The other ways to win depend on the particular map itself. Some mission objectives are to call in airstrikes, destroy buildings or radio relays or bridges, and others involve capturing/rescuing civilians or officials.
Beta 1.0 Official went gold June 8, 2001 and Beta 1.5 Official was released Sept 9, 2005. The official site that was hosted on is no longer active.
I led an international team of talented level designers, modelers, texture artists, animators, sound artists, coders, testers, pr helpers, and website maintainers. My primary responsibility was all the custom programming our MOD required – the team system, the transport system with transport gunner, special effects, completely new weapons and weapon systems, new animations, support for different collision detection, new GUI, network optimizations, paragliding, new game play objectives and win conditions, and the linux server port. In addition to programming I also designed several levels, modeled and textured several weapons, players and vehicles, coded and maintained a large part of our website, animated several models, participated in scheduled game tests, and led the game design.
Our modification was recognized by Valve and we were flown out to Dallas for the annual MOD Expo where we got to play CS with the actual developers of Half-Life and CS. We were also flown out to Westwood studios in Las Vegas for a MOD development event they had for their new game Renegade. I got to meet several other leading Half-Life MOD teams there including the lead developers of Natural Selection.

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